Capstone Begins

For the first week of the capstone course at Champlain College we are all told to come up with ideas. We all had some crazy ideas and I decided to take my role as the only programmer on the team seriously from the start. I took the ideas we flushed out well and considered how they would work in the engines we want to use, Unity and Unreal 4. I focused on the needs of both the artist and the game and got some solid understandings of what will happen after playing around in both. When the team met up I started explaining why some ideas were too much, they were all right to present but how risky it would be to go with them. For all the games we discussed there was only one I have flat out refused, but only because I know our team can succeed and the game is far too risky to move forward. The idea wasn’t dropped and I hope our designer can find a way to prove me wrong. It is a game he wants to make and I would love to help him, but I won’t risk our team to partially fulfill a dream game. More prospects means a more involved decision on what we really move forward with.

The week of ideas was useful to see what kinds of ideas appeal to us all. We managed to come up with ones that were blatantly cannon fodder for new ideas and with some we really got passionate about, developing a whole game off a few words cause they led us there. Each one of us has at least one idea we presented we would love to go with, the next step is finding a way to get us all to see one as something we can be proud to show. This team will be one crazy experience that will be worth all the insanity it brings. =


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