Capstone Blog 2

For the last two weeks things have been focused on deciding what game we want to focus on. There has been a heavy consideration for artificial intelligence. The issue with that is my lack of skill with AI at this point in time. Although my skill is improving picking a game that has a heavy AI focus puts the team at risk and I have been adamant in telling my team this. There has been trouble in getting the issue across, but the producer is helping get the points across more clearly.

The issues are solving themselves and we are deciding through QA whether we move forward with a teddy bear based idea or a werewolf based idea. As of now both those ideas can be considered safe as a game to focus on, purely from a technical standpoint. The werewolf will aid me in getting better at making a lot of systems to work together and the teddy bear will help me in setting up a player’s abilities to control their world.

Right now my personal preference is our teddy bear idea, but I will work on either. Both games seem to have so much potential and I can’t wait to see where things will be going from here on out.


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