MineSweeper Post Mortem

The minesweeper artificial opponent I created was far from the best. It was made using very little to determine which square would be a mine. I retrospect more research should have been done to determine proper algorithms to solve it. The only other way to have made a proper solver would have been to have a good understanding of the game. My personal knowledge and ability to plan out the functionality was severely lacking.

There was a lot more that could have been accomplished with proper research and understanding. In the future when being met with an artificial intelligence that I need to program, but am not comfortable with I will spend much more time researching. The code itself was slightly better than random, but matched up to an average player who understood the rules.

The code would merely check for if it thought a square was safe. It seemed promising at first, but may bugs came up while testing. The bugs coupled with my own lack of knowledge made the time limit a much more daunting aspect. The code worked to solve the game in a better percentage than I could normally. This was a good learning experience for how to go about artificial intelligence and will be put to good use.


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