Capstone Blog 3

After a lot of discussion and testing we have finally picked a game to work on. It was hard to decide because the ones we had it narrowed down too each had a good and bad side to it. One a lot of systems and the other a lot of art. We agreed to have the producer decide and accept his decision without questioning it. We settled on the systems heavy game with plans to try and get as much done as fast as possible while improving it behind the scenes during testing.

Since the decision was made I began to work on the necessary systems and move forward in research to what we need to complete the core. From the base mechanics this game will also seem to rely heavily on the narrative to be fun and will need fine tuned systems to be playable. Through this game my job becomes much more difficult, but it is still achievable. As of now we have agreed to change our challenge plan in order to suit the need for the background of the game to be completed before anything else. From what I know of myself and systems like this we will have anywhere from one to three weeks of me making the game systems and making them work together. This will be a long process at first but definitely something we can handle.


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