Capstone 4 Inventory and Crafting

This week we had settled on our game, but had to put off challenging for one more Monday. We didn’t want to present while a team member was sick. We decided on the werewolf game concept and I spent the week building the inventory and crafting systems. Although they are a bit convoluted in their coding they work well. The only issue has arisen from the recipe system being a bit overly complicated. Due to this we have settled on me setting up recipes when we need more, but for now we will handle it to move on to the more important issues.

Once the inventory system was implemented it seemed to work fairly well. Use and drop were implemented and there weren’t too many issues for the game. The next step is to make use specific for each item. The current set up is only useful for a cure and cannot be used as time moves forward. For now though it is a good base.

The crafting system will be improved later as well. For now it is best to use what works and deal with the consequences later.  The biggest ordeal with the crafting is just setting up the needed resources and recipes, but is overall manageable. Now that these two systems are implemented foraging and barricade will be quickly handled and we can test those while moving this game forward.


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