Capstone Before the Rechallenge

This week was basically entirely deep dive. Although it isn’t the easiest game mechanics to get working properly we have made significant progress. We have a barricade aspect that will only take a bit more tweaking to finally complete. The hardest mechanic now is the werewolf mechanic. It took a lot to decide and we still aren’t sure, but we are doing everything we can to make this an amazing game. We decided to hold off on my work the mechanic needs until we manage to pass the challenge. We are willing to change the mechanic under the knowledge that our decision may turn out not to be fun.

With this understanding as we enter the challenge and hopefully deep dive we will improve each thing and create a stable build to make it past fast. Although speed is a focus we do not plan on ignoring the importance of functional stability, only to have that in tandem with the goals of our game. Right now even with my work on the main build there is little to show since the focus on background aspects. Soon we’ll have more to show with more aspects in the game.


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