Capstone Post Challenge

After the challenge we realized we missed out on a lot of important details. We had a few mechanics we didn’t think out well enough and had to discuss them more. For the week after the challenge three of us began deep dive work while our designer continued initial concepts. For my role it became working out the spawning mechanic for the foraging aspect of our game. After the work on it a lot of it has been simplified to duplicating an object and changing what is spawned. The most difficult part currently appears to be the timing of the spawns.

Overall the majority of the systems have simplified aspects that won’t be too hard to get in a timely manner, but the amount is concerning. I am confident in my abilities as the programmer to achieve a playable version of our game. We will need to be careful to plan well in order to avoid over-scope and being unable to maintain our core game experience. Assuming we can reach understandings to simplify things down and what each role’s jobs actually are we should be fine. With our producer I can see us succeeding in making a full experience for the semester.


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