Deep Dive Week 2

We showed the update with a good portion of our mechanics implemented and bug free, which appeared to surprise people who saw it. Not many people knew we had started deep dive work the second we picked our game. At first this week began with a hope to challenge the first Monday in November and after a little work I knew we could make that. The goal was set and we moved forward looking up lore and preparing for a big push forward and then a slight miscommunication happened. I said we could challenge after Monday(Halloween), but my team thought I said we could possibly make Monday. Seeing the reactions I decided I would get the mechanics ready for Monday to the best of my ability.

As of now we seem pretty ready, everything is in and functional. Quality assurance feedback was taken seriously and implemented already. It was a bit of crunch, but we want to move forward, we all like this game and I will do all I can to get us out of proof of concept before the presentation. A lot was done and a lot of help received, but the werewolf AI is ready, along with just about everything else. Right now we are building a block out level and our artist, Kamil, is getting his art in fast. The last really big thing we needed after qa was something to show the change to the AI. Realizing this, alongside a query from the artist about the difficulty of switching meshes, we got that transition in. It isn’t beautiful but it is there.

I did a lot on the tech end in a short period of time and even ran QA to get us the two we needed to challenge. Things are looking up and if we can get to proof of concept after this challenge attempt we’ll be in the same standing as everyone else. I have confidence in my team we can build this game highlight what makes it fun and show the worth in moving forward.

The really challenging part was just the werewolf and the control. It took a lot of testing to finally get that remotely feeling good. Once we had it, well the rest was easy. We have numbers to tweak and need a better explanation of what is happening, but my part is there. For the most part we have no bugs. There are things to be improved on and changed, but nothing is broken after the QA feedback was taken. Things can only go up for my team from here. Our biggest need now is the sound.


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