Starting Deep Dive

Finally we passed out of initial concepts. It took a long time, but our team is moving forward. We had a rough start, but we finally have a game chosen and mechanics set, now we get to the fun part. We have a lot of work to make it past the next few challenges, but we are far from done. We decided to dive straight in making a lot of progress on all fronts. In preparation for our update in class we planned to show the build of our mechanics in action. Hitting the ground running we did just what we needed and started to set everything up.

When we decided to do the biggest update possible I started up on the AI component necessary in our werewolf mechanic. Not only did it need to take control of the player, but we needed it to move toward a goal with player input making a change in either the controller active or it’s current path. Taking into consideration all the projects going on we decided to research what was needed first. Luckily enough Unreal had something called possess we could use that suited just our purpose.

We hadn’t fully started messing with possess yet, but we could switch based off a key press, step one in our goal. We sort of called it quits for then, accepting we all did a lot and moving to taking a small pause for a day. Although after the rechallenge we slowed down we’ll be picking up speed again and soon.


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