Proof of Concept (Sort of) 1

We challenged deep dive and were pretty much passed. It was less of we passed and more of go forward so a presentation isn’t in your minds. We took that and ran with the criticisms and ideas we received. We were advised to make one mechanic feel amazing and that’s where we are heading. We decided on our werewolf mechanic as the focus and have been working toward improving that as days passed. Right now the biggest issue is the AI behavior which is slowly being improved.

As of now we successfully have an AI werewolf mode take over while you are in your home to attack the barrier. It will then play attack animations and we are looking into adding some more feedback. The next thing we got fixed was the AI working towards the houses. It still isn’t perfect, but it works fairly well. My next steps personally will be to see if anyone can help to understand the navigation of the AI to improve the set up and allow recalculations.

While waiting on the work I needed to continue the werewolf aspects I added some UI and win/loss states. We now have checks to see the day and the state of the houses you have attacked. Then we have a win state for the cure which is attainable although requires many rarer ingredients.

Our team is in a strange place where none of us are sure of what will happen, but we aren’t gonna let fear slow us down. We will put our all into this and hope for the best, we are close to the end and we aren’t giving up until the day we can’t do anymore work.


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