Empire Part 1 Plans

For part 1 I plan to keep at simple as the assignment requires and have the AI find the closest undiscovered square and continue this process. This won’t be as simple as it appears, but it is a start. Right now this AI can be a lot and unlike with gin rummy I won’t let this one become some over complicated plan. Going for undiscovered squares only should lead to the quickest way to cover the most ground. If this method works it will also cover the idea of reaching a point where they can no longer move straight or running into a kind of blockade.

If we were building everything at once the plan would have to include a lot more and be thought out more clearly, but starting with movement is the safest bet. If the plan of searching for the nearest undiscovered square fails I will send units out in all directions leaving it to be that if one gets stuck they will default to the nearest undiscovered square. This planning is a bit harder since Empire isn’t and easy game to write for it is much more of trying to think like a player while working like a machine. Until things really get started and I begin the code work it will be hard to guess how it really needs to move. If my plan for the ground coverage is right then once everything is set it should run decently and be a good thing to work off of after part 1.

I’ve decided for all parts of the Empire work what matters most is getting the AI running with as few bugs as possible rather than trying to come out on top. The competition doesn’t stop, but ignoring it will let the AI come out better from my own skills than someone else.


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