Final Stretch

We entered the final week of capstone and decided to try as hard as possible to get the chance to present.We put in a lot of work so far and overall we don’t want to be cut, we want to finish this game. We did what we could and agreed to meet with our executive produce, Joe Manley, Wednesday. We were told the truth, we weren’t ready. We took that and ran with it. Since then I have been working out every possible bug and adding in all we could to make the game feel better.

Now when you kill someone as a werewolf I managed to lerp the color of the widget we used to be fading in to red. A nice touch with the gruesome sound I managed when calling to play two at a time. After that we needed to fix the AI. It was getting stuck on simple objects and thanks to some help we found a fix. We turned the pathfinding to dynamic which fixed a lot of the issues we faced.

The next thing was the tutorial. We added that in for Thursday testing and it appeared fine until it got underway. A lot of it wasn’t properly dealt with so things broke really easily. We had the prompts stuck on screen and the werewolf overlay wouldn’t show. Seeing all of them. I fixed that by double checking where the checks for a tutorial were being checked and changed and stopping the issues.

The biggest issue we faced was when our project wouldn’t build. For some reason 5 objects will make the project break when edited, so we undid them, but it took a few hours to find the issue. It has given us a set back but we will get everything together in time to

Overall we did a lot. We think we are presentation ready and we aren’t backing down until we are forced to stop. We need to make our build, our trailer, and our presentation. Once we do that we are all presentation ready and hopefully this preparation over a the last four days will push us forward.


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