Development Environments

First Experiences a.k.a Production 1 and Freshman Year

Through out my time at Champlain I had to work in a few environments for class whether or not by choice. It started with visual studio and after barely using that I was thrown into flash and ActionScript 3. I don’t want to particularly highlight that, but what I can say is at that I started to notice my adaptability to environments. By the time I first worked on a team I had gone through using ActionScript 3 with FlashDevelop and XNA in Visual Studio.

The first team we worked in flash again, but it was mostly FlashDevelop with a library called FlashPunk. To sum up the semester of flash it wasn’t easy, but I managed to work on two games that came out amazing and one that showed a lack of confidence hurts. The game that first went well still used FlashPunk and went well when we considered the time frame. The second one was pure flash and ActionScript, which made making it for mobile a little more difficult. Overall that game played out well too and even had accelerometer controls for the platformer section (which was my part).

Production 2: Where the Challenge Amped Up

That began a lot of things and the next year added more. I’m going to skip strait to our first game. Pictures are up all over this blog featuring some of what we did. We made a first person platformer with a slowdown mechanic. This team had a lot of ups and downs, but overall we made a great game. All of it was completed in about 12 weeks starting seriously from the third week of classes. The game was made in Unity, an engine which I had never even opened prior to this class. The game itself is simple, but considering the three week period I couldn’t touch it due to a potential design change, a lot was done in 9 weeks. Take in part the time, the new engine, and the sole programmer, it isn’t so simple anymore.


Capstone: We Did  A Lot In A Short Time

At this point the only other game I have really worked on was my Capstone game Cure. The premise garnered a lot of hope. Although we only got the semester to work on it, the idea was well thought out just missing pieces due to the time constraint. According to the class we had twelve weeks to make this game, my team had trouble deciding what game to go forward with and eventually decided on Cure. This time around I was once again the only programmer and once more in an engine I had never used before, Unreal Engine 4. We had 8 weeks or less, the time we really started still isn’t remembered clearly. Each week we had a major leap that the professors were impressed by, we weren’t going to let the time constraint hold us back. Overall the game came out well, even if we didn’t move forward. We realized recently the idea itself was huge and would have led to a lot of work either way where it may be better we didn’t wind up as one of the teams moving ahead.

These two games are available for download if you click here.


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