Empire Post Mortem

At the start of this project I was confused on what to do. I didn’t understand how to control the movement or set up attacks or really the game. After procrastinating I finally sat down with ample time and started to work. As I began to understand the code I started to learn where my trouble was. In the end I couldn’t do things in a way I had planned, not that I did’t want to.

I didn’t give myself enough time or plan ahead for work arounds with broken segments of code. Upon the realization I took the initiative to dull it down to a simpler process. My AI is not the best, but I am proud of it. It came out better than I expected and I finally began to understand why I struggle so much when it comes to AI. First I make it way too complicated like I started to here. I didn’t need a huge plan, it was nice, but wasn’t what was needed to achieve the goal. The next reason is I have trouble seeing how the game effects itself rather than a player effecting the game.

Now I know what to improve, first is seeing how a game object can effect the world or the player. Not just the player effecting the world. The next thing is to make a better list of what the AI needs. I always go ahead and assume it needs more than the reality. I need to achieve the base idea first not the entire goal. I managed to understand this thought in aspects besides AI so that’s the next step.

I hope to come back to this someday and be able to improve it. Right now it matches the best I can do which is better than I expected. Next I want to make it take advantage of the different types, fix the code that was not available and make a state machine or behavior tree that actually works. I don’t know when that day will be, but I am glad to learn it now when I need to search for jobs and on a game that has a simple strategy element.

Overall I think Empire was the best learning experience. We were completely alone on this one. It made us think in a way that we weren’t used to and was added to a time where our minds were centered on a different goal. It created a unique experience to think about when we were all centered on different games and goals. Empire was potentially one of the best games to set as the end, if only to help us really see how difficult a good AI is and what it entails. This taught me a lot about myself and to prepare for inevitable failures in the plan of action. Back up plans are a must, and in the future I will try making this AI again and I’ll make one I will be proud to send to people from this class and show off.


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