Beginning of VR

We finally begin the start of working on the game Sword of the Sorcerer. So far the code base seems well done and the team is solid. We started with just an average meeting going over what needs to be done to complete the core and what we hope to achieve in the end. So far the team seems to be working well. I knew from the start that my initial job would be fixing and editing the UI in order to improve player experience. As of now they kinda have left it up to me on design and implementation.

For the first work meeting I decided to fix the current health bar. Instead of using the Unreal Engine progress bar, or any UI aspects, a shrinking square was used. It has been edited with only a cosmetic fix left to reach a preferred style of health bar. Since things are still early in the development for the newer team members we need to meet and plan more. The next thing with a slightly improved health bar we moved on to one of the biggest necessities, an enemy notification. Currently I want to try and use the 3D widget that is in Unreal to make a widget to dynamically alert players to an enemy spawn. The first week was rather uneventful just decisions and plans forming to allow us to prepare for the future.

As of now this team seems to be melding together well. I think we can pull off a lot this semester and it will be pretty exciting to get everything up and running for the game. Seeing the excitement from everyone just makes this something that is worth putting your all into. As the semester goes on, I can’t see too many nights of final rushing with this organized team. I may be wrong, but I would say we definitely started this semester off well.


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