Menus Work

This week the main menu is finally working. We have a proper interaction up and running and options are ready to be put together and implemented. There was quite a lot of fun with Unreal Engine’s 3D widgets. At first I was hoping to set up the menu as I have done a lot of times, hiding the other menu items in order to have a single menu for everything until polishing it. So now we have a main menu that just needs to be implemented to the full game. We need to fix the options sliders, the current view makes the sliders far too small to actually interact with but it does work.

Now the spell menu was a little trickier. I continuously ran into an issue of input not registering as was needed. This caused some problems with testing early on. I did manage to get it working with help from the other programmers debugging and having run into similar issues previously. Once that was settled it came down to setting the whole system up. Due to poor planning, we have some improvements to make overall, but the system and menu is up. As far as current set up we have set up the spells to be a menu which you select from. After the spell is selected a symbol to display what it is appears on the shield and it will later change once used.


As of now base menus are ready and we can start to try and improve them. The next menu to put together is the pause menu. There is a lot of potential bugs following that one do to the nature of pausing a game like this. In reality we just need to freeze the skeleton’s updates which shouldn’t be too much of a change. The struggle comes in with keeping the menu in, or spawning it in, by the player but not so close they can’t use it. The next week will most likely fall to that menu since the others are functioning for the most part. The difficulty of what has been set is just the volume sliders. We should continue forward at a good pace and the majority of things should be ready within a few weeks. After that the current plan is I move on to polishing what I can, but there are things that could change a lot isn’t set in stone. I do look forward to following the path laid out for our team currently, we’re making progress at least and that’s what matters.


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