Pausing Nightmare

Now that we have a mostly working main menu and spell menu I moved on to the options menu. The main menu has the options all hooked up and we are making headway with sound adjustments. The sliders posed an issue of size rather than implementation. It had to be clear where it was so a player could interact with it. The size fix was extremely obvious and something I had missed at first. After a little testing we got a slider size that was a good fit for a thing controlled by the player’s actual hand. Although some testing is needed for whether a snap to value is better or not is yet to be figured out.

The main menu completed made for an easy move to the pause menu. It was set up and can be implemented soon, at least if we could pause the game. Right now we face the trouble of Unreal Engine’s built in pause feature not working properly. Setting the pause value to true leads to the game pausing and the menu never rendering. A similar method in a normal game has worked in the past which is leading to some trouble in understanding. After talking with the other programmers we decided we may use a pseudo-pause and stop updating the enemies, the only thing really needed to be paused, and remove access to spells and teleportation. I am spending time now trying to find a similar issue in order to solve the problem.

A current plan to fix this is to use a tickable on pause option that exists as well. If that works we can make use of it for the main menu, weapon room, and a few other things as well. Acting under the assumption it works we can move on to making them look nicer, fit more with the theme and tying it all in to the game. At this point using the built in pause state will be helpful in working with the steam VR option of leaving a game running while returning to the menu. Once this menu is finalized we can work on the next parts, but this could take anywhere from a few minutes to a day to solve and implement. My hope is to finish it by the end of next week, but I will not let a goal rush a proper set up.


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