Pause The Game Already

After a lot of trial and error the pause menu finally works. It is a little weird, but we needed one up and running so I found a way to do it. Instead of using set game paused in Unreal I wound up with changing the time dilation. It freezes everything and with updates frozen and check on the player we were finally able to get things moving, or well freezing.

The menu itself is simple, but for the player it was important to have it. After a lot of trial and error to get the code up and running it became clear that we’d face less issues if we changed the time dilation rather than the pause state. This was a solid learning experience for VR and what can and can’t be done in the ways expected.

Now that the game pauses and the main menu is up and running we have a new beast to tackle. Making them more thematic. After attending GDC and talking with others about their VR UI one idea I was offered was scaleform. Although Unreal has removed the support in UE4 plugins exist and from the research I’ve done it seems better suited. I was warned about potential performance issues, but according to Stefan we should be safe.

Over this next week I will be spending some time looking into scaleform and hopefully finding ways we can use it for a menu that suits the feeling the player should have when jumping into a game where you get to fight a bunch of skeletons and send the flying.

There is also the matter of newer requests, most commonly the idea of a tower under attack alert. This will take some solid time to piece together and get running. The hope is to have it within a week, but factoring in other requirements and classes it will take closer to two. The sooner that’s in the sooner we can move on to even more important things.


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