Alert To Attacks ???

This week the focus was on a UI element to alert to player to a crystal being attacked. The general idea was easy, but implementing the design not so much.

The plan was there would be something to kind of mimic the map on the shield. The design was for it to look almost identical, but purple circles. This would be for when they were all safe.CrystalAttackedUI_OFF

Then when one was under attack only it would flash, but if all were under attack it would look like this.CrystalAttackedUI_ON

The overall implementation wound up being more challenging than expected. The current code had no way set up to display any kind of check when the crystal was under attack, but that wasn’t the hard part.

First I needed the images straight from my designer, Unreal doesn’t really like circles. So once I was given the image I realized that it doesn’t tint as well as I hoped so I took the image and made it red. Once all that was set up it came down to actually binding the image. At first it was going to be based on enemies near the crystal, but that was an old variable that no longer worked. After some discussion with another team member I decided during any damage it would let the alert activate which would flash assuming damage is taken in proper intervals.

At the end the shield wound up having the design added in to sort of replace the default spell menu appearance. Now it has become the focus for any information that the player will need to know. As more elements get added we have decided the shield has the best option for alerting the player in most cases.


Current Shield:



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