End Screen Pop Ups and UI Fixes

This time around there wasn’t much to do. We had a sudden even thrown onto us to in order to display our game, so we threw together some better end screens for faster restarts. They were simple, but posed some trouble to make them something the player could interact with. After a few hours of work putting that together I changed our next wave menu around as well. This time the menu had to act like the pause menu, it doesn’t draw all on top, but it still helps.


Our team is hitting crunch time now and things are kind of all over. We are prioritizing a lot and choosing things to change and cut. We would like to add everything we hoped, but the current things that weren’t too risky we did. Alongside the crystal UI previously and the pop ups here, we added a spell cool down to the game. We decided this would work best for the game to allow the players to use spells more strategically. As of now the plan is to change the spells and to possibly switch to a more mana like cast requirement.

Then we had the general menu polish we have been adding including the pause menu and testing score. A temporary UI element was made and added to the shield to try and get a better test result at the end.

Our team has sort of started jumping around, but we know what our goals are and moving toward them. Once crunch time is over it will be great to look back at all the iterations each part of our game went through.


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