Sound Begins

Finally I move from just the UI to implementing sound. We had music and some effects until now, but nothing totally substantial. So far thanks to another programmer on the team the sound menu is all set up to work for the player. Some edits have been made for better usability, but other than that I moved on to adding sound to each aspect of our current UI.

It was pretty easy with the changes, except the hover over effects. We need those to stop so we need a component, which widgets don’t have. Luckily we were already getting a reference to the menu so adding sound components to the 3D object wasn’t too rough.

Having started the next step is to actually add them all as well as add in all the polish we need to the UI. We are being hit a little hard with feature lock so soon, but our team is solid. We all know our jobs and are willing to jump around if need be for each thing.


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