Sword of the Sorcerer

We finally reached the end. Our game is finally done for the semester at least. Seeing as how we were accepted to Steam and are a company technically. This was such a great experience learning about VR, Unreal, and just this team created an unbelievable experience. At the end I was jumping from sounds, to debugging, to menus and other UI elements. We had a lot of fun and this experience with UI was unbelievable.

At the end of the project we decided we had to fix the menus first. Although they all worked, there was an issue with the orientation. As I worked on fixing that I managed to make some menus stop appearing completely destroying the game. After a bit I realized, why not save the orientation of the original menu used to begin the game and apply that. Once that started our menus were consistently usable and appeared easy for the player to find.

While solving our orientation issue I was working on fixing the menu only showing up in front of the player once and the remaining wherever it spawned otherwise. I decided to fix it easily and just save the original position and apply it, after a silly mistake that worked perfectly.

The shield UI was updated a lot toward the end. At the end we had the letters all animated and the crystals animated while damage is taken it was hard work but worth it. Overall the application of everything has been interesting, but difficult and fun.shield



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